# The Factor Finance Vision

We believe in a future where all finance is on chain. We’re implementing the backbone instruments that will grow that ecosystem and create stability and safety for responsible crypto investors.

Today's DeFi projects have become boxed in: Ponzi schemes, byzantine tokenomics, and airdrop frenzies. Instead, Factor is designing simple-to-use decentralized ecosystems that encourage long term holders, build real value, and establish trust. Our is to capture as much value as possible while generating maximal yield for distribution to users. We won't put money in things that we don't understand and neither should you.

We're bringing to market the core products necessary to glue a financial world together: a liquid stable yieldcoin, asset indexes, and yield indexes.

# Goals

Decentralized by design


Best in class APY

Institutional support

# Status

Factor's start is XUSD: a stable yieldcoin now live on Avalanche (based on Ethereum OUSD under MIT/AGPL license). Our novel DeFi yield strategies, tested on real world DeFi trading desks, will be deployed in the next few months.

The protocol and new strategies are under active development and audits, so stay in touch in our Discord to hear about release.

Factor's governance token, FACT, will launch in early 2022. See our Roadmap to learn more.

# Future products

# Crypto asset indexes

No one has succeeded in building good, decentralized, cross-chain, on-chain indexes. Bringing usable and safe asset diversification to the ecosystem is overdue.

# AMM yield indexes

A protocol for building diverified exposure to AMM pool yields will simplify investment and speed liquidity distribution.

# Team

Decades of combined experience in startups, institutional finance, and blockchain technology have led to a team of seasoned founders, engineers, and data scientists.

Principal-level FAANG engineer

DeFi portfolio manager

L1 lead developer

CEOs & founders with multiple exits

Spirit animal: 95-96 Chicago Bulls

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